elie rees

Elie Rees is a singer/songwriter who has created her own unique acoustic niche with edgy and emotive songs.  A rocky side to Elie’s writing style and a seriously committed homegrown indie ethos combines with catchy melodies taking the country-pop song format in a whole new direction.  Elie accompanies herself with some creative guitar arrangements and her full band employs of a wide range of instruments, including double bass and mandolin. Elie Rees’ solo Album ‘Welcome To Wonderland’ is on the way.

Unusually, the subject of ‘Welcome to Wonderland’ is the journey caused by the writing of the album itself.  Elie was working as a jazz/folk flautist, singer and composer when she came up with the concept for ‘Welcome to Wonderland’, and having played and written in other styles she decided to discover what her own music would sound like.  She started writing and as the songs formed Elie wanted to test-drive them on real audiences; to do this she learned the guitar and became a solo artist.  At solo gigs the material draws on a lot of different influences, but the completion of the album in the studio with full band really refined Elie’s personal style and took the compositions to a different level.


Elie still occasionally gigs with her folk and jazz bands but her main focus is now firmly on her solo career and she has already started working on the songs for her next album.  She has many more solo gigs lined up for 2017 and is planning to get the full band on the road as soon as possible.


“Talented Singer, Song-writer Elie Rees, really gets to the heart of the matter in her songs.  She takes you on a her personal journey in which the listener, most definitely, will relate to in some way. Honest and heartfelt while at the same time touching on the edgy and raw.   Look out for Elie Rees, this girl is going somewhere!!!!!”      Anita Wardell -Jazz vocalist.